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What is the FIRST Global Competition?

The FIRST Global Challenge connects students from all over the world in their Robotic Olympics. Each year, they choose a different Grand Engineering Challenge and base the competition around it. In 2017, the challenge, entitled H20 Flow, was about clean water and the 2018 challenge, entitled Energy Impact, was about solar energy. The 2019 challenge is centered around pollutants in the ocean and is entitled Ocean Opportunities.


How can I be part of TEAM BERMUDA?
We are looking for students who are passionate about robotics and coding to join TEAM BERMUDA. Student must be between the ages of
12-18 and attend Middle School or High School.
However, ONLY 5 students between the ages of 14-18 will be selected
to travel to the competition in Dubai.
If you are a student without experience with coding or robotics, please do not be deterred. Experience is preferred but not required. Students must have good problem-solving and communication skills, be independent thinkers, spontaneous and innovative.

If you are interested in joining TEAM BERMUDA 2019, please attend our Parent Info session on Monday, August 19th at 5:30 pm at Connectech - Sofia House, 48 Church Street 4th Floor Hamilton. (next to the main post office.) 

Complete our registration form HERE to attend the info session or to express your interested in joining TEAM BERMUDA.


How can you support TEAM BERMUDA?

Sponsorship can take many forms: technical, mentorship and of course monetary donations for TEAM BERMUDA to travel to the competition.

TEAM BERMUDA would be greatful for any and all support provided.

If you are interested in supporting TEAM BERMUDA please feel free to either email us at info@connectech.bm or complete the donation form HERE (coming soon).
CONNECTECH Coding is a charity (#997).

Learn more about the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge.


Meet Kameron Young
2017 & 2018 FIRST Global Participant

My name is Kameron Young. I have attended two FIRST Global Competitions during 2017, in Washington DC, and 2018, in Mexico City. I have been one of the coders, builders and team-elected captain for Team Bermuda. My goals are to give other students the opportunity I had and build a team with the same drive and passion to compete on the global stage. The FIRST Global Competition is a great opportunity not only to learn about technology but also to expand your network in the field. As a member of Team Bermuda, you will develop your skills in robotics and coding while also learning how to be a team player. Are you ready to leave your mark globally? Become a member of TEAM BERMUDA!