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  • 48 Church Street, 4th Fl., Sofia House, Hamilton, Bermuda


CONNECTECH Coding prides itself on supporting our community to learn coding, robotics and other forms of technology. We encourage critical and creative thinking, along with problem solving, which in turn drives innovation. We encourage our students to think outside the box and think big and imagine they can build and create anything. As we know, technology is used in every facet of life and educating our youth to understand and benefit from the impact the technology industry will have on their future is a key value in their experiential learning.

Our Public Primary School Program is a basic starter kids coding class. It is our aim to give public-school students the opportunity to experience fun experiential learning through technology and coding which helps with problem solving and thinking creatively.

The Middle School Program is an advanced level program and robotics learning experience giving the students the necessary understanding and skills which will work in conjunction with the Middle School requirements for Bermuda’s technology curriculum. We have tech professionals who provide TECH TALKS to inspire students to pursue careers in technology.

The Public High School Program will be implemented by year 2023. It will involve students attending half or full day sessions every week for the entire school year depending on the student’s schedule and class load. Students will attend instructor lead classes at CONNECTECH.

Over the past six years we have seen a steady growth in the number of students interested in learning to code, build games and mobile apps or just be innovative within technology. We have also started to see students we taught in primary school are advancing into tech colleges and universities.