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In May, female leaders from around the world gathered to celebrate the women pioneers, leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers in their career fields and sectors ranging from business, agriculture, the arts, marketing, education, technology, science, and medicine. At the first ever CaribbWIIN 2022 (Caribbean Women Inventors & Innovators Network) in Antigua and Barbuda, with invaluable support and collaboration from the Directorate of Gender Affairs under the Ministry of Social Transformation and Human Resource Development in Antigua, the top women of the Caribbean were celebrated.

CaribbWIIN highlighted the achievements of outstanding women and unveiled many unsung women with qualities that demonstrate sheer tenacity, dedication, and determination. The Caribbean event follows the success of GlobalWIIN in shining the spotlight on the creativity of hundreds of women in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and North America.

Bermuda’s own, Coral Wells was awarded an Honorary Special Recognition Award for outstanding achievements, tenacity, and commitment capable of impacting the lives of humankind for the better.

Coral’s purpose is clear; “I truly believe there should be equal opportunities for everyone in technology: women, men, black and white alike, diversity is imperative. I know from experience it can be a challenge for women to enter this industry. I am driven and determined to make an impact to help the young women of Bermuda and the world, to achieve their dreams. The reality is when women help each other amazing things can happen.”

“I am humbled to receive this award and never imagined the impact CONNECTECH would have on Bermuda’s young students to be innovators, aspiring technologists, and gamers. I have watched curious minds grow, challenge themselves, become passionate about learning and craving information. I am encouraged every day, year after year to find new innovative means for CONENCTECH to thrive, providing opportunities for our youth to make their dreams of building robots, creating their own games and mobile applications become reality. I imagine a world that fuels children’s natural thirst and passion for technology and learning something new, a world where everyone is given the tools to explore, advance and succeed.”

Dr Bola Olabisi, CEO of the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GlobalWIIN), issued a statement from her base in London saying: “It is about time that the world takes notice of the captivating, unique and innovative remedies, concepts, products and processes that women from the Caribbean develop for social and economic growth, regionally and globally.

“We are fascinated with the many discoveries and innovations coming from the Caribbean and we are excited that we are putting the spotlight on the intellectual properties of many of these remarkable contributions.”

Amongst the incredible women who attended the event in May are those with new and practical solutions covering various sectors including, Agri-business, Healthcare, Energy, Technology, Fashion the Arts to name a few.

Many of these innovations demonstrated the greatest potential to solve everyday challenges, while others bring sustainability forward, by minimising waste or by simply empowering the lives of other women and girls through new, much needed approaches to education, business, and wellness.

About Connectech Coding (Charity #997)
CONNECTECH Coding is Bermudas first technology training center, encouraging collaboration, education, and innovation within the tech industry. Connectech has been successfully cultivating and inspiring our young people’s interest and skills in technology by creating a collaborative, inclusive and dynamic learning environment to prepare our youth for the digital world and careers of the future. Connectech has been delivering various tech opportunities across Bermuda’s community, including public and private schools since 2016.

About CaribbWIIN 2022

CaribbWIIN 2022 has a special focus on the development of design, creativity, innovation through knowledge exchange – covering issues relating to intellectual property rights, growing enterprises, presents a combination of cutting-edge powerful and interactive knowledge exchange and a showcase of incredible novelties. From simple technology, high viability to works by exceptional creative women and highly acclaimed social and economic inventions and innovations, the journey for achieving such success is applauded and acknowledged by these highly acclaimed international awards.

About GlobalWIIN

GlobalWIIN, is a UK network set up in recognition of the challenges that women face in bringing commercially viable products to market. Instrumental in promoting social inclusion and dismantling the gender gap, GlobalWIIN’s mission is to identify and reward women inventors and innovators across the globe and raise their global profile. GlobalWIIN’s ethos is to facilitate diversity, education and capacity-building while supportting women in taking their ideas into the competitive market.

GlobalWIIN formally known as GWIIN and its team of experts have helped to shine the spotlight on the creativity of hundreds of women in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and North America and now in the CaribbWIIN. Working with governments, leading industry experts, voluntary organisations, educational establishments, and the private sector, it has held award events, roundtables and seminars and provided information and guidance to support the women on their journey to success.