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Corporate Vision Magazine highlights the winners of the 2023 Education and Training Awards with Connectech Coding earning the top honor as the ‘Leading Providers of After-School Tech Coding Enrichment Experiences in 2023’.

Corporate Vision believes that education is the cornerstone of evolution and that we each rely on a multitude of sources for education throughout our lives, and our search for more knowledge never seems to end. The organization explores a diverse collection of businesses and individuals which help to quench our thirst for more wisdom and a wider skillset.

Across a diverse range of industries, the recipients of Corporate Vision awards excel in fostering growth for both individuals and businesses through collaborative partnerships, education, and comprehensive training. These distinguished organizations wholeheartedly embrace and nurture an enriching atmosphere, guaranteeing their clients access to the highest levels of support. Amongst these outstanding qualities, Connectech stands out as the epitome of excellence, making them the ideal choice for this prestigious international award.

Awards Coordinator Taylor Wilson comments: “We spend our whole lives learning and we don’t do it alone. No matter where we turn there are opportunities for betterment and growth, and the winners in this year’s Education and Training Awards are a buttress for a richer and fulfilling future. I wish them all the best as they continue to create a positive impact for all.”

“Connectech is humbled to receive this international award and continues to dedicate its focus on delivering world class technology training opportunities to Bermudian students and professionals in our community.” says Coral Wells, Founder and CEO of Connectech. 

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