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Connectech Coding (Charity #997), a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging the digital divide and fostering technological innovation in our communities, is proud to announce a significant leadership transition. Coral Wells, Founder and longstanding Executive Director of Connectech Coding, will be transitioning to the role of Board Chair concurrently, Connectech Coding is thrilled to introduce Sloane Johnson as the Interim Executive Director, effective October 2, 2023.

Coral Wells has been the heart of Connectech Coding since it’s inception, driving its mission forward and positively impacting countless lives through her unwavering dedication. Her vision, passion, and strategic guidance have propelled Connectech Coding into a leading force both locally and internationally for technology education, inclusion and digital equity.  Coral’s unwavering passion for advancing Connectech Coding’s mission and her strategic vision have been instrumental in driving the organization’s impact.

In her new role as Board Chair, Coral will continue to lead Connectech Coding’s strategic direction, advocating for technology education and digital access while ensuring the organization’s continued growth and success. Her transition to Board Chair solidifies her commitment to Connectech Coding’s long-term sustainability.

“I am thrilled to welcome Sloane as the incoming Interim Executive Director of Connectech Coding. With her deep-rooted connection to our organization since its inception, her passion, and leadership, I have no doubt that she will lead Connectech Coding’s to new heights.” Said Coral Wells. “As I take on the role of Board Chair, I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to collaborate closely with Sloane as we navigate this exciting new chapter together, propelling Connectech Coding forward into a future filled with innovation and impact.”

Stepping into the role of Interim Executive Director is Sloane bringing with her an exceptional depth of experience and a unique connection to Connectech Coding’s history. She was one of the organization’s first employees, demonstrating her dedication to its mission from its earliest days.

Sloane’s passion for digital inclusion and technology education coupled with her profound understanding of the organizations ethos aligns seamlessly with Connectech Coding’s mission, making her the ideal candidate to lead the organization forward.

“I am honored and excited to rejoin the Connectech Coding team as Interim Executive Director,” said Sloane Johnson. “Connectech Coding has always held a special place in my heart, and I am eager to build upon the incredible work done under Coral’s leadership.”